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PatientCO Animation

Project Proposal

Patientco was undergoing a brand refresh as the companies competition has caught on to their marketing tactics. In efforts to separate themselves and keep their position and industry leaders, they are updating their logos, catch phrase, colors, and website design to modernize their brand. Though they wished to update to a fresh look, they also wished to not make their brand seem too modern to appeal to their main clientele, which are people who are looking for hospital patient payment software.  As they are currently working with a studio to update their brand, I assisted them in an un-official manner to update their logo and make a short “bumper” animation that displays their new brand and company goals. 

Original Branding design


Updated Branding design


Voice Over Script

Why Patientco?

We know patient care means payment care too.

Patientco’s award winning software makes it simple for both provider and patient to view bills, make payments and explore financing options. 

With patientco wallet, our clients report an average 6-8% increase in patient payment ability.

and increased patient experience happiness

Patientco, Still Here. Taking payment care to new heights.


Style Frames

Final Frames

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