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The goal of this project was to make a title sequence for Alien, which has a notoriously simple title sequence. In efforts to keep the title sequence cryptic and on brand, I decided to use a monochromatic design paired with some black 3.0 paint and ferrofluids to make something "alien". Below is the process from moodboards to final frames with a look behind the scenes.



The original plan was to attempt to make paint pour down channels carved into wood. Of course, this didn't go nearly as planned and was changed in efforts to keep it similar to the original design, but make it practical.

The Goal of the storyboards and style frames was to set a clear direction of what was going to be attempted with set of unknown variables, such as how does ferro fluid actually work, will my microscope camera actually work, and does paint behave when you ask it politely?

Eventually almost all of the frames changed however they stuck to the original feel very closely. 

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